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If you get convicted of a driving offense, your driver’s abstract will reflect this, and your insurance can be drastically affected regardless of demerit points. Your insurance company doesn’t care about demerit points, just confirm this with your agent. Insurance companies are concerned about convictions and the risks you pose on the road as a driver. Certain convictions can result in the cancellation of your insurance premium. G1and G2 drivers may face suspensions. Do not be fooled into paying a ‘ticket now, with no points’ because you may get another ticket in the future that will affect your premium.

We Attempt To Get Your Traffic Ticket Reduced or Dropped

From careless driving to disobeying street signs, traffic tickets can have a significant impact on you, your driving freedom and your insurance. Traffic charges are not to be taken lightly as they can result in demerit points, suspension of your licence, fines and possibly even jail time.

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Don’t just pay the fine or risk representing yourself in court, when we can provide you with a free consultation to give you a solid defence against your charge. Our expert team of lawyers, paralegals and former police officers have a great understanding of the law and will fight for you

Insurance Penalties, Suspensions, Demerit Points

Don’t just pay the fine or risk representing yourself in court, when we can provide you with a free consultation to give you a solid defense against your charge.

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Common Everyday Offences

Set Fines for Hightway Traffic Act: The set fine is the out of court settlement which can be found on the speeding ticket. Not all speeding offences have set fines.


Permit Charges

Driver Licence Offences

Equipment Violations

Permit Charges

Set Fine
No Currently validated permit
Fail to display 2 plates
Fail to surrender permit
Fail to notify change of address

Driver Licence Offences

Set Fine
Drive Motor Vehicle-No Licence
Drive Motor Vehicle in Contravention of Conditions
Driving While Under Suspension
Novice Driver Offences
Possess More than One Licence

Equipment Violations

Set Fine
No Brake Lights
Drive With Improper Head Lights
Improper Braking System
Colour Coating Obscuring Interior
Improper Mufler

Common Traffic Charges with Associated Demerit Points

These charges can have serious ramifications with your insurance company. These are only a small number of the charges that you can be charged with under the Highway Traffic Act, for more information please contact our office at
1-877-274-4353 or visit our Street Justice Paralegal can fight for you, please visit our Offenses Catalogue.

0 Demerit Points

  • Fail to Surrender Insurance Card
  • Interfere with Snow Removal
  • Interfere with Traffic

3 Demerit Points

  • Amber light-Fail to Stop
  • Disobey Railway Crossing Sign
  • Drive While Crowded
  • Drive Wrong Way
  • Fail to Report Accident
  • Fail to Stop on Right for Emergency Vehicle
  • Passing Violations

6 Demerit Points

  • Careless Driving
  • Stunt Driving
  • Fail to Stop for School Bus

2 Demerit Points

  • Disobey Sign
  • Disobey Lane Light
  • Driver-Fail to Wear Seatbelt
  • Fail to Assist in Passing
  • Fail to Share Roadway-Meeting Vehicle
  • Fail to Signal for Turn
  • Fail to Turn Out to the Left to Avoid a Collision
  • Fail to use Lower Beams (Headlights)
  • U-Turn on a Curve

4 Demerit Points

  • Following too Close

7 Demerit Points

  • Fail to Give Required Information
  • Fail to Remain

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