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If you ever need help with a speeding fine come to this facility!! ( had a 40 over and a $360 fine, the case got withdrawn)
– Phil
These guys are great, extremely friendly and understanding, they don’t leave you in the dark either. Would definitely return in the future if needed.
– James
The staff is great. Pleasant people to deal with and easy to talk to. Very satisfied with the results.
– Stefan
Excellent service, high level of professionalism, great outcome – thank you, Eric!
– Lana
Eric at Street Justice was professional, efficient, effective and met my objectives. I highly recommend their services. My most sincere thank you, Eric!
– Ct.C.
Professional service. I will always choose Street Justice for any tickets. Thank you again for the help and support.
– James
Very friendly, respectful, and eager to help Amazing service.
– Motaz
Strongly recommend they handled my case very professionally end up with the best result I am glad I had them on my side.
– Amin
Eric is one of the best Paralegals I have ever met, he strives in helping others and thrives when he succeeds, I highly recommend his services. 🙂
– Rosalind
Thank you guys for your support and protection. Ed is a wizard. My bad experience turned into a good outcome. Lessons learned.
– Charles
From careless driving to turn not in safety, 6points to 2 points, helped me defend the improper ticket, and I don’t have to do anything, Thank you, Mr. Eric!
– Jason

Very great service, eager to help and will help you to his full capacity.

– Jessica

No judgment and understands that everyone makes mistakes. I am very optimistic and relieved that my son is in good hands.

– Georgina

2 tickets in 1 year and both charges withdrawn, awesome job Eric.

– Brandon

5+ stars, I am writing this on behalf of Chris you guys are AMAZING!!! You all do a great justice helping people with tickets for traffic violations. The results you get are amazing I would recommend you in a heartbeat. Your service is excellent and professional.
– Ann

Defiently recommend Eric and his team! They did a great job fighting my traffic offences that took many months to be resolved! They were patient and always let me know up to date what was going on! In the end i am over the moon with my results as my traffic offences were withdrawn in court due to lack of evidence! No conviction, no points taken off. I cannot thank Eric and his team enough for all their time and efforts! They are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Holly

Roland was amazing. Went 40KM over. Roland had my case withdrawn. I highly recommend Street Justice!
– Search Realty

Great Job! My ticket got withdrawn, and this ticket would have impacted my ability to land a law enforcement job.
– Chris M.

Strongly recommend they handled my case very professionally end up with the best result I am glad I had them on my side.
– Amin

My first encounter with street justice is when I was a student. I needed a lawyer’s signature for paperwork. seeing I was a single mother he helped me free of charge. when I got into trouble with no insurance after that he took me on as a client at the most fair price you can imagine. He reduced my fine down by the thousands, literally this man is an angel. I absolutely recommend street justice. Thank you for all your work and help.

– Mariah

I strongly recommend their service. I saved 375$ fine and they reduced it from 6 to 0 demerit points in my ticket of careless driving. I can work now in my field. Thank you so much…

– Darshit

I had a ticket charged with going through a red light. Street Justice was able to get the charge dropped. They were very professional in every way. I recommend them with a 5 star!

– Toni

Thank you Eric for your professionalism and experience representing me in court for a serious traffic violation charge. I am eternally grateful and ecstatic for the charge being dropped. This decision rocked my world and renewed my faith in the legal system actually being fair for the common person. Salute to you sir and carry on the good work.

– Dennis

Highly recommended. Minimal required from me. Eric had my 20 km over reduced to 15 km over. The fine was reduced and the demerit points were dropped. Eric was very professional and accommodating.

– Clara

First time getting legal help on a ticket. Great outcome with a fraction of what a lawyer was asking for! We won the trial. Professional services and prompt replies. We are so happy with the services. Will definitely refer to friends!! Thanks so much, Street Justice!

– Phoenix

Thank you Eric and team at Street Justice, I am very satisfied with the way you handled my case. I do not have to pay an outrageous amount of money to get my truck back on the road and back in business. I have new hope for the future, now that all the fines were dropped!

– Albert

Strongly recommend they handled my case very professionally end up with the best result I am glad I had them on my side.
– Amanda

Eric and his team worked diligently and efficiently to help with my traffic ticket. I didn’t have to worry about anything, Eric attended the court date for me and my offense was reduced significantly. Will definitely recommend to others, thanks Street Justice for your help with my situation.

– Dania

Excellent service – although the court date kept getting adjourned, Street Justice managed to explain the case to the prosecution, who in turn withdrew all the charges. Thank you to Eric and Roland for all your efforts and being so attentive with us! I hope we don’t get anymore tickets but if we do, Street Justice will always be my first choice!
– Viv

I’d like to leave this review: Street Justice = VERY COMPETENT TEAM. First of all, i have no words to express my gratitude to you. Thank you very much for your services and your engagement in my case and for defending It. I didn’t go to trial, they represented me and won my case, no demerit points no conviction,etc. I would definitely recommend their excellent services.

Thanks Ed , Thanks Eric. THANKS Street Justice.

– M. H.

Everyone at STREET JUSTICE was fantastic. A thorough and excellent job . My case was won and I was without the stress as everything was taking place. Thank you so much. I definitely recommend their services to anyone who could benefit from them. I would go back to them should I require their services again.
– Bailey C

After being charged by the police after colliding with a police car in Niagara Falls, Eric got the charge withdrawn. I am so pleased, they were professional and I was a little leery as to using an ex-cop to defend me. He was like a pitbull who had not eaten in a year, great job.
– Art

Eric is one of the most talented paralegals around. He is a very nice personable guy who loves what he does and is a valuable guy to know. Keep his # handy as I do; You never know when you will need it! He is a Traffic ticket expert in Welland serving customers as far or farther than St.Catharines / Burlington which most won’t do. Great Job!

– John

Eric is simply awesome. The most professional and caring individual I have ever seen in the industry. He genuinely cares about your best interest and does everything he can to find a solution. He was able to take a 40 over speeding ticket with 4 demerit points down to 0 points and a minor 15 over based on looking into the facts of the case. Thank you very much, Eric.

– Idrees

I would definitely recommend Street Justice to anyone with a driving violation, I called and Eric was able to meet with me the same day to talk about my ticket. He was able to represent me at my early resolution date and was able to get my fine lowered and some time to pay it. I would definitely like to say a big thank you to Eric and the team for helping me out.

– Bev

A few weeks ago we were at the courthouse regarding a speeding ticket for my future daughter-in-law. After overhearing us discussing the matter, Eric stepped up and offered us some free advice. I am very grateful he did, and we took the advice. He knows what he is talking about and has much experience in these matters. Thank you for helping us!

– Lori

I was in court today on several traffic offenses. That could have gotten me over $15,000 in fines. I offered to plead guilty to the crown and speak to her. Ed asked me if he could help. I wondered how much it would cost. He said he would help me out for free. Never got any help in my life like this. Speaks volumes about his character as a man. Hopefully, I never need a lawyer again. But if I did he would be my first call. So I walked out with $2000 in fines. Am so elated, as to the outcome today. It’s all due to the kindness of this man. I saw him working for other clients also. He seems to get what he asks for. Great guy and knows his job. Thanks again. I’ll never forget what you did for me today. Not many people like you left in this world.

– Glitch

Fast and effective results from a hard-working lawyer. Thank you Eric Mattison for working so hard for me for such a reasonable fee. Very satisfied with the results! Highly recommended.

– Kyle

Eric Mattison and Colin of Street Justice paralegal services are great! They will put their best foot forward in assisting you with your legal needs. They will solve your problems in the most Professional and intellectual way they can. I recommend Street Justice to anyone seeking legal assistance, drop into their 438 East main Street location for a free consultation.

– Christian

I would definitely recommend Street Justice to anyone looking to fight a traffic offense. They make your options very clear from the start and have fought two big speeding tickets for me to reduced charges. I never had to go to court or even go to their office. Everything was done over the phone and via email. I am completely satisfied with the results they got for me.
– Conrad

It is with great joy, thankfulness and excitement that I can say I now have a one hundred percent clear driving record. I was involved in a very big and intense accident on the Garden City Skyway involving many vehicles and people. My vehicle was catapulted over the median barrier and was struck by numerous vehicles that were Fort Erie bound. After the accident I got charged with careless driving, a 500.00 ticket and six demerit points. I went to Street Justice for help. Eric was a pleasure to work with. He is a very nice, respectful, encouraging and honest man. Street Justice is an amazing place that specializes in fighting major and minor traffic offences. I paid a very small fee for what Eric did. He met with other people to discuss my ticket, after a few months of hard work I got a call saying my ticket had been dropped fully. No, not partially, but totally dropped, meaning I have no driving record whatsoever of the accident. If it wasn’t for Eric and Street Justice I would not be able to afford my insurance rates if I had been convicted. I would highly recommend Street Justice to anyone if you have a ticket you are worried about, whether minor or major they will do their absolute best to help you out. Thanks Eric 
– Matthew F.

Excellent customer service! Got my case reduced which was gladly appreciated as it was not deserved, Sherry was a pleasure to speak with and Eric was also at communicating with me the process and keeping me in the loop.

– Teydan

Excellent, honest service. I’d phoned to see if we had a chance fighting a traffic ticket. Our situation didn’t warrant Street Justice getting involved, but we received all the information we needed so that we can take the next step ourselves. It’s worth it to give them a call. They aren’t just after your money; that’s hard to find these days! Very professional and knowledgeable.

– Carleen

I got a subpoena to appear for something I didn’t do. It was a long fight but Eric and Street Justice never gave up. They went through lengths to defend and represent me in the end it was dismissed, and I am forever grateful. I wouldn’t have gotten this type of service anywhere else.

– Joanne

Like their sign says > ” You can pay us a little, or your insurance company $$$ (a lot) ” Walked in stressed about my ticket, and spoke to Eric about the details. Eric was confident of my outcome even though I wasn’t!! Just left the courthouse last Monday: NO CONVICTION, NO POINTS, NO FINE!!!!!!!!!! When in doubt, check them out………….they know what their doing……Thanks; Street Justice the outcome removed all stress!!

– Don

Street Justice Paralegal provided me with exemplary, professional, 5-star service. I would highly recommend Street Justice Paralegal and in particular Mr. Eric Mattison who provided me with excellent service. Mr. Mattison is friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and extremely dedicated to his clients and to achieving the best results for them. Street Justice Paralegal truly goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding, expert service and obtain the best outcomes for their clients.

– Genevieve

Greats guys highly recommended. I was charged with an improper right turn at a set of lights which resulted in an accident rear end Eric was able to get a not guilty result after some great cross-examinations and putting pressure on questioning the witness inconsistencies. I would go see them even if you have questions about a charge the advice is great and there very informative. They also give you a considerable amount of time if they represent you or if you just have questions and need info.

– Monzy

Amazing amazing amazing! I got referred here by a friend and I am so glad. I came all the way from Toronto. The paralegal did an amazing job getting my ticket thrown out, I would highly recommend street justice!

– Maranatha

This lawyer went above and beyond! My matter was unique and something he has never had to deal with before. He put in countless hours to get the best results i could ever even dream of. His rates are great and he always took the time to answer my questions and keep me updated during the entire process. Highly recommend!

– Meg

Very nice gentleman that helped me out and they are very reasonably on what they charge and he is very knowledgeable as well I would recommend them to my friends and family for sure.

– Keir

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