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A criminal offence can have a significant impact on your life, your driving freedom and your reputation. You need expert legal advice from experienced lawyers, paralegals and former police officers that know the law inside and out. We can represent you to protect you from your charges to get them reduced or dismissed.

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A criminal charge is a serious offence with life altering consequences. Why pay the fine or risk representing yourself in court when you could have an experienced team fight for you in court with a solid defence.

We fight for you to successfully:

  • Keep you out of jail
  • Protect your job/career
  • Maintain your ability to drive and keep your driver’s licence
  • Maintain your ability to travel

Set Fines, Demerit Points and Licence Suspensions

Learn more about Ontario Traffic laws and the penalties associated with them.

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Criminal Offences

Impaired Driving

Fail/Refuse to Provide Breath Sample

Over 80mg

Dangerous Driving



Drug Offences



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