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The Knowledge & Trial Experience to WIN YOUR CASE!

From the Paralegal Society of Ontario:

“A paralegal is an individual qualified through education or experience licensed to provide legal services to the general public in areas authorized by the Law Society of Ontario.”
Street Justice Paralegal will ensure that your case is a priority and receives the attention it deserves. We request full disclosure from the officer’s police service and the prosecutor’s office. We will fully investigate and prepare your case for trial.
  • In most cases, you are not required for court.
  • We will appear for you.
  • You will receive a detailed account and written report summarizing your court case.

Get Your Criminal Charges Reduced or Dropped

Criminal charges cause a lot of stress and anxiety, let our dedicated team help you with these matters.

Traffic Ticket in the Niagara Region or Southern Ontario?

Let our skilled team represent you. Led by a former traffic officer, our staff are well versed in new laws and court precedents.

Speeding Ticket in the Niagara Region or Southern Ontario?

Hire a paralegal to get your ticket dropped or reduced! Led by a former traffic officer, our staff are well versed in new laws and court precedents.

Get Your Criminal Charges Reduced or Dropped

Criminal charges cause a lot of stress and anxiety, let our dedicated team help you with these matters.

Small Claims and Landlord Tenant Issues

Does someone owe you money? Call us, we collect!
What is a Small Claim? In small claims court, you sue for money, or the return of a personal property valued at an amount of $35,000 or less, plus some costs and interest. For you to sue a business or person in a small claims court, your lawsuit, known as a claim, may fall into one of these claims for damages:

  • Breach Of Contract
  • unpaid Invoices
  • Damage To Property
  • Unjust Enrichment
  • NSF Cheques
  • Unpaid Rent
  • Unpaid Loans
  • Unpaid Account for Services or Goods Delivered and Sold

Municipal and Provincial Offences

We Don’t Like to Loose!
We can defend you against all kinds of municipal and provincial offences. At Street Justice we provide legal services for people charged by:

  • Provincial Offences Act
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of the Environment
  • Fire Code Violations
  • Trespass to Property Act
  • SPCA
  • City Bylaw Offences

We Proudly Defend YOU!!

At Street Justice Paralegal, we are proud of the work we do defending our clients and grateful for their business. For more Reviews Click Here.

Everyone at STREET JUSTICE was fantastic. A thorough and excellent job . My case was won and I was without the stress as everything was taking place. Thank you so much. I definitely recommend their services to anyone who could benefit from them. I would go back to them should I require their services again.
– Bailey

After being charged by the police after colliding with a police car in Niagara Falls, Eric got the charge withdrawn. I am so pleased, they were professional and I was a little leery as to using an ex-cop to defend me. He was like a pitbull who had not eaten in a year, great job.
– Art

5+ stars, I am writing this on behalf of Chris you guys are AMAZING!!! You all do a great justice helping people with tickets for traffic violations. The results you get are amazing I would recommend you in a heartbeat. Your service is excellent and professional.
– Ann

Niagara Region’s Traffic Ticket Specialists

Paralegals licensed in Ontario are governed by the Law Society of Ontario, just like lawyers. Our paralegals at Street Justice have extensive courtroom experience, coupled with in-depth legal training, in order to offer the best representation for drivers in Ontario. Our team also includes a former police officer who worked as a traffic specialist for over 20 years, with experience in radars, lasers, and accident investigations.

Ex-Police Officer & Licensed Paralegal Representation to Fight that Ticket!

Criminal Charges


 Can affect your career inspirations and your ability to travel. A simple minor criminal charge can affect you for years to come. Imagine not getting a job due to a criminal conviction when you were YOUNG and MISINFORMED. At Street Justice, we understand the stigma  …

Speeding Tickets


If you pay that ticket, your insurance rates will likely increase dramatically. Furthermore, you will have admitted guilty to the alleged offences without exploring the available defenses to your traffic ticket or the possible consequences of the conviction. We suggest that you speak …

Stunt Driving


 Stunt driving charges are not only life changing but will result in an IMMEDIATE 30-day driver’s licence suspension and 14-day vehicle impoundment at roadside no matter who’s personal or business vehicle you are driving. Fines start at $2000 and can be as high as $10000, with a jail term of up to 6 months …

Traffic Tickets


If you get convicted of a driving offense, your driver’s abstract will reflect this, and your insurance can be drastically affected regardless of demerit points. Your insurance company doesn’t care about demerit points, just confirm this with your agent. Insurance companies are concerned about convictions …

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