Speeding Fines

Set Fines

The set fine is the out of court settlement which can be found on the speeding ticket. Not all speeding offences have set fines.


Kilometres Set Fine
1-19 km/h over $2.50/km
20-29 km/h over $3.75/km
30-49 km/h over $6.00/km
50+ km/h over No set fine/No out of court settlement

Speeding in a Community Safety Zone

Kilometres Set Fine
1-19 km/h over $2.50/km
20-29 km/h over $3.75/km
30-49 km/h over $6.00/km
50+ km/h over No set fine/No out of court settlement

Speeding in a Construction Zone

Kilometres Set Fine
1-19 km/h over $2.50/km
20-29 km/h over $3.75/km
30-49 km/h over $6.00/km
50+ km/h over No set fine/No out of court settlement

Highway Traffic Act- Common Everyday Offences

Permit Charges

Offence Set Fine
No Currently validated permit $110.00
Fail to display 2 plates $110.00
Fail to surrender permit $110.00
Fail to notify change of address $110.00


Driver Licence Offences

Drive Motor Vehicle-No Licence $325.00
Drive Motor Vehicle in Contravention of Conditions $110.00
Driving While Under Suspension $NSF
Novice Driver Offences $110.00
Possess More than One Licence NSF

Equipment Violations

No Brake Lights $110.00
Drive With Improper Head Lights $110.00
Improper Braking System $110.00
Colour Coating Obscuring Interior $110.00
Improper Mufler $110.00

Demerit Points for Speeding

Drivers convicted of speeding charges in Ontario of 16+ km/h over the speed limit will be given demerit points. Demerit points will stay on your driving record for two years.

Offence Type Demerit Points
Less than 15 km/h over No demerit points
16-29 km/h over 3 demerit points
30-49 km/h over 4 demerit points
50+ km/h over 6 demerit points
Racing and Stunt Driving 6 demerit points

Speeding ticket convictions can lead to a licence suspension due to accumulating demerit points. Convictions for speeding can result in an increase of your insurance premium. Street Justice suggests you contact your insurance broker to determine how much your insurance can increase with speeding convictions. Insurance companies care about the number of convictions, so paying that minor ticket for 15 km/h over the limit and then getting a tickets for failing to surrender your insurance card. May cause your insurance premium to skyrocket out of control.

Licence Suspensions

Accumulation of demerit points can result in the suspension of your driver’s licence.

A conviction for driving While Under Suspension Sec 53(1) H.T.A. will result in your licence being suspended for 6 months.  Suspensions  are considered major convictions and have serious ramifications with your insurance company. The information contained below is to be used as a guide only and we recommend that you confirm this with the Ministry of Transportation.

New Drivers

G1, G2, M1 or M2

Demerit Points Consequences/Penalties
2 MTO Sends Warning Letter
6 Interview with MTO Rep.
9+ 60 day licence suspension
9+ (second occurrence) 6 month licence suspension

Fully Licensed Drivers

G or M

Demerit Points Consequences/Penalties
6 MTO Sends Warning Letter
9 Interview with MTO Rep.
15+ 30 day licence suspension
15+ (second occurrence) 6 month licence suspension

Common traffic charges and the demerit points associated with them.

These charges can have serious ramifications with your insurance company. These are only a small number of the charges that you can be charged with under the Highway Traffic Act, for more information please contact our office at 1-877-274-4353.

Driver-Fail to wear seatbelt-2 pts Careless Driving-6 pts Following to close-4 pts Failing to Yield-3 pts Improper Turn-2 pts Fail to signal for turn-2 pts U-Turn on a curve-2 pts Disobey lane light-2 pts Amber light-Fail to stop-3 pts

Fail to share roadway-meeting vehicle-2 pts Fail to turn out to the left to avoid a collision-2 pts Fail to assist in passing-2 pts Passing violations-3 pts Drive wrong way-3 pts Fail to stop on right for emergency vehicle-3 pts Drive while crowded-3 pts Disobey railway crossing sign-3 pts Fail to use lower beams(headlights)-2pts Interfere with traffic-0 pts

Interfere with snow removal-0 pts Stunt Driving-6 pts Fail to stop at railway crossing-public vehicle-5 pts Fail to stop for school bus-6 pts Disobey sign-2 pts Fail to report accident-3 pts Fail to remain-7 pts Fail to give required information-7 pts Fail to surrender insurance card-0 pts

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