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Mar 30, 2022


Excessive speed

If you are convicted of speeding, you may receive demerit points in addition to fines.

  • 3 points for going over the speed limit by 16 to 29 kilometres per hour
  • 4 points for going over the speed limit by 30 to 49 kilometres per hour
  • 6 points for going over the speed limit by 50 kilometres per hour or more

The fine will depend on how fast you were travelling over the posted speed limit:

Fines for driving over the speed limit (as of June 2020)
How much over the speed limit Fine per kilometres per hour over the speed limit
less than 20 kilometres per hour $3.00
20 to less than 30 kilometres per hour $4.50
30 to less than 50 kilometres per hour $7.00
50 kilometres per hour or more $9.75

For example, if you drive 40 kilometres per hour over the speed limit, you will be fined $7, times 40, for a total of $280.

Speeding In a Community Safety Zone

What is a maximum fine for speeding in a community safety zone Ontario?

Speeding in a Community Safety Zone

Speeding 1-19 kph over $6.00 per kilometre
Speeding 20-29 kph over $9.00 per kilometre
Speeding 30-49 kph over $14.00 per kilometre
Speeding 50 kph over or more $19.50 per kilometre

Speeding In Construction Zone


Km/H over posted                           FINES                    DEMERIT POINTS

Speed Limit

10 km/h                                               $60.00                   0 points

20 km/h                                               $180.00                 3 points

30 km/h                                               $420.00                 4 points

40 km/h                                               $560.00                 4 points

50 km/h zone                                    $975.00                 6 points

Lowering the speed limit in construction zones reduces the risk of collision. Under the new legislation, municipalities have the option of reducing speed limits in construction zones without passing a by-law. The municipal council simply delegates the authority to designate a construction zone, and with that the authority to set the speed limit to a senior staff member who ensures that records are kept detailing when a construction zone speed is changed. The reduced speed limit becomes effective once the required signs are posted.

The Act requires that a construction zone must be clearly marked with standard “CONSTRUCTION ZONE BEGINS” and “CONSTRUCTION ZONE ENDS” signs found in Regulation 615 of the HTA and in the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7. The reduced speed limit becomes effective once the required signs are posted.

Demerit Points

Offence Points
Speeding 15km/h or less 0
Speeding 16km/h to 29km/h 3
Speeding 30km/h to 49km/h 4
Speeding more than 50km/h 6
Stunt Driving 7
Racing 6
Careless Driving 6
Cell Phone – Distracted Driving 3
Cross Divided Highway 3
Drive in Prohibited Lane – HOV Lanes 3
Drive in High Occupancy Lane 3
Drive through railway barrier 3
Disobey Stop Sign 3
Disobey Red Light 3
Disobey Sign – Bylaw 2
Disobey Police Officer 3
Drive Wrong Way 3
Fail to Remain at Accident 7
Fail to Report Accident 3
Failing to Yield Right of Way 3
Fail to Stop for Police 7
Fail to Stop for School Bus 6
Fail to Lower High Beam 2
Fail to Share Roadway 2
Fail to Stop for Emergency Vehicles 3
Failing to Signal 2
Following too Closely 4
Improper Passing 2
Improperly Open Door 2
Pass off Roadway 2
Pedestrian Crossover 2
Proceed Contrary to Sign 2
Radar Warning Device 3
Seat Belts 2
Slow Driving 2
Turn not in Safety 2