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Failure To Yield To A Pedestrian

Mar 30, 2022

Failure To Yield to A Pedestrian Sec 144(7)

Drivers including cyclists must stop and yield the entire width of the roadway (wait for pedestrians to clear the road) at:

  • pedestrian crossovers
  • school crossings
  • locations where there is a crossing guard

Only when pedestrians and school crossing guards have crossed and are safely on the sidewalk can drivers and cyclists proceed.

Pedestrian crossovers

A pedestrian crossover is a crossing that has:

  • specific signs
  • pavement markings
  • lights

Some have:

  • illuminated overhead lights
  • warning signs
  • pedestrian push buttons

Here are examples of pedestrian crossovers in Ontario:

Pedestrian crossover with flashing lights

Pedestrian crossover with pavement markings and signs
Pedestrian crossover with pedestrian push buttons, pavement markings, signs and lights

School crossings

A school crossing is any pedestrian crossing where a:

  • school crossing guard is present
  • school crossing stop sign is displayed

How crosswalks differ from crossovers

A crosswalk is different from a crossover. A crosswalk is usually found at an intersection with traffic signals, pedestrian signals or stop signs.

A crosswalk can be:

  • the portion of a road that connects sidewalks on opposite sides of the road into a continuous path, or
  • the portion of a road that is indicated for pedestrian crossing by signs, lines or other markings at any location, including an intersection

At crosswalks, drivers are only required to stop and yield the entire roadway when a school crossing guard is present.


The penalties for drivers who endanger pedestrians are as follows:




Other penalties

Failing to yield at pedestrian crosswalks, school crossings and crossovers

Up to $1000

4 demerit points


Running a red light

Up to $1000

3 demerit points


Failure to stop for a school bus

First offence: Up to $2000
Each following offence: Up to $4000

6 demerit points

May result in imprisonment for up to 6 months

Failure to remain at scene of collision

Up to $2000

7 demerit points

May result in imprisonment for up to 6 months and/or a 2-year driver’s licence suspension

Fines double in Community Safety Zones near schools and public areas, which are clearly marked with signs.

There are additional penalties for careless driving if pedestrians are put at risk.