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Driving Under Suspension – 2

Mar 30, 2022


Driving without a license is a serious offence.

Any violation of a G1 or G2 driver’s license could result in a suspension in Ontario. Drivers can have their license suspended after accumulating just six demerit points. It is a mandatory license suspension after nine points!  Here are some other reasons you could have your license taken away:

  • Speeding more than 50km an hour
  • An accumulation of demerit points.
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • As a result of a judge’s court order
  • A conviction for a criminal driving offence
  • Operating a motor vehicle without insurance
  • Failing to pay fine/fines

For example, simply not paying fines because you didn’t have the funds or forgot can lead to a notice in the mail that the province has already suspended your license. Don’t react in a panic – don’t pay that fine! The reason? That admission of “guilt” will impact your insurance rates! By paying a ticket you admit guilt to the driving offence you were charged with. This means that the offence and demerit points assigned to the ticket will go on your record, visible to your insurance company, which may result in car insurance hikes. Along with the ticket fine payment you will also be hit with a “re-instatement fee” of $150 to get back your license.