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Paralegals licensed in Ontario are governed by the Law Society of Ontario, just like lawyers. Our paralegals at Street Justice have extensive courtroom experience, coupled with in-depth legal training, in order to offer the best representation for drivers in Ontario. Our team also includes a former police officer who worked as a traffic specialist for over 20 years, with experience in radars, lasers, and accident investigations.

Niagara Traffic Ticket Specialists / Ex-Police officer representation


Speeding Tickets

DO NOT PAY THAT TICKET- If you pay that ticket, your insurance rates will likely increase dramatically. Furthermore, you admit the alleged offences and do not explore the available defences to your traffic tickets and the possible consequences of their conviction. We suggest that you speak with your insurance broker regarding the consequence of a conviction, and how it will affect your insurance rates for the next 3-5 years. Traffic tickets are still on your driving records for 3 years so it's important you get the best legal defense. Most careers that involve driving require an unblemished abstract, a conviction stays on your record for three years.

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Traffic Tickets

DEMERIT POINTS - If you get convicted of a driving offence, your driver's abstract will reflect this, and your insurance can be drastically affected regardless of demerit points. Your insurance company doesn't care about demerit points, just confirm this with your agent. Insurance companies are concerned about convictions and the risks you pose on the road as a driver. Certain convictions can result in the cancellation of your insurance premium and G1, G2 drivers may face suspensions. Do not be fooled by paying a 'ticket with no points' because you may get another ticket in the future that will affect your premium.

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Criminal Charges

CRIMINAL CHARGES Can affect your career inspirations and your ability to travel. A simple minor criminal charge can affect you for years to come. Imagine not getting a job due to a criminal conviction when you were YOUNG and MISINFORMED. At Street Justice, we understand the stigma of a criminal record and the notion of being wrongly and unjustly accused of a crime or crimes. We can refer you to the most experienced lawyers in this field, these will be lawyers that we ourselves would retain if facing these charges. These are lawyers that the police themselves call when facing criminal charges.

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We Have the Knowledge and Trial Experience to Win Your Case

From the Paralegal Society of Ontario: "A paralegal is an individual qualified through education or experience licensed to provide legal services to the general public in areas authorized by the Law Society of Ontario." I will ensure that your case will be a priority and receive the attention it deserves. I request full disclosure from the officer's police service and the prosecutor's office. I will fully investigate and prepare your case for trial.
In most cases, you are not required for court,
We will appear for you,
You will receive a detailed account and written report summarizing your court case.

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We defend ALL traffic-related charges and criminal charges in the Province of Ontario. At Street Justice, we also provide legal services for people charged with any Provincial Offences Act charges, and Bylaw charges. We also represent for charges under the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of the Environment, Fire Code Violations, Trespass to Property Act and SPCA and city bylaw offences.

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